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Do you post videos on YouTube and social networks? Do you want to make your channel cool and popular?

Talent, the ability to work hard and hard, the availability of fresh and relevant topics depend only on the user. But every master knows that the right choice of tool is the most important component of success.

If a tool (in this case software) is chosen poorly, the cost of time and effort increases, and the result does not always correspond to the desired one. It is more useful to invest valuable resources in achieving the main goal, rather than in overcoming technical difficulties. As a result, the author’s interest in the project, the quality of the content, and popularity decrease.

Use Filmora Ubuntu!

The main section with which the user works is the timeline. Fills the bottom of the program window. Allows you to manage clips, images, audio overlay. Double-click the item you want to edit in the timeline to access advanced editing options. A variety of customizable items will appear. In some cases, the Advanced button is available. Gives access to advanced editing options. Wide range of features will be useful for experienced users and professionals.

Import Filmora Ubuntu
Filmora Ubuntu supports a huge number of file formats that can be used as sources of multimedia content. The process of importing files from disk into the program library is simple.

Screen Recording
Required for users who make educational videos about the software. No need to use separate software. To record instructions, the functionality of Filmora Ubuntu is sufficient. It provides audio recording, mouse click tracking and quality settings.

The resulting file is imported directly into the media library. Add it to any of the projects you are working on.

Filmora Ubuntu comes with a number of preset elements that you can include in your videos. These include: titles, captions, filters, emoticons. Added to user-created content with a few clicks. Many preset sets can be edited and saved by the user for later use. In others, only certain elements can be changed, for example fonts.

Export and encoding
Filmora supports almost all encoding methods for digital multimedia content (video and audio). Format, bitrate, resolution, audio formats are customized according to user requirements. Helps reduce the size of the final file. Please be aware that some social networks have set a limit on the size of a video file you can upload. So, get this straight first and don't waste hours encoding a 4K file that won't be able to post.